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Jio Airtel Vi BSNL Recharge, जल्दी-जल्दी ऑफर का लाभ उठाएं

Jio Airtel Vi BSNL Recharge: As you all know, on July 3, 2024, Jio Airtel and Idea have increased their recharge plans to a great extent. Now people are facing a lot of problems in recharging.

But today I will tell you that which recharge plan is good among Jio Airtel, Idea and BSNL etc. I will explain it to you completely in my article and will tell you which recharge plan will be cheaper for you, then you can read our article. Read the article from beginning to end, we will provide you complete information in the article.

Which SIM has the cheapest recharge

As you all know, the most beneficial one month recharge plan of Idea is Rs 199 in which you will get 2GB data for 28 days daily and unlimited calling along with this you will also get 300 SMS, so you can also use Idea. Can use recharge plan.

Have recharged Rs 49 in Vodafone

As Vodafone Idea’s Rs. 49 plan comes with validity only for one day, you can use it only for one day, after that the Rs. 49 recharge plan will expire at 12:00 in the night. In this you get 20GB data. Can be used in one day only.

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Which is the cheapest plan of Jio

The cheapest plan of Jio is ₹ 209 in which you get 1GB prepaid plan with it you can use it for 22 days, what I mean to say is that you can use it for 22 days for ₹ 209, after that your plan ends. Recharge is available only for 22 days in which 22 GB data is available i.e. 1GB data will be available daily.

How much is 84 days recharge in Vodafone?

Vodafone’s recharge plan with validity of 84 days will cost Rs 459, in which you will get 6GB data and 300 SMS and at the same time, if you do recharge plan of Rs 719, it has been increased to Rs 859 in which you will get one and a half GB data daily.

Which network is the best and cheapest

If we talk about India, then the cheapest SIM card for calling and data is from Jio, which also has some prepaid plans and is also very cheap, which includes a plan of ₹ 75 or a plan which you will get only for 28 days. Along with this, you will get 300MB data and unlimited calling and you will also get 50 free SMS. This is for Jio phone users. If you have Jio phone then you can enjoy with this plan but this plan has also been extended now. Is from 3rd July 2024.

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How much is Vodafone’s 28 days recharge?

Talking about Vodafone Idea, its prepaid recharge plan is Rs 118. It is available with validity for 28 days in which you get the benefit of 12GB data.

What is Jio’s 28 day plan?

Jio Bharat has launched a plan of ₹ 123 in which you get 14GB data with a validity of 28 days and along with that you get 500GB data daily and also get unlimited voice calling and free SMS facility is also available. And along with this you also get subscription of JioSaavn and Jio Cinema, so you can enjoy with the plan of ₹ 123.

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which sim is free

If you want to get a new SIM then you can get Jio SIM card. Jio SIM card will be provided to you free of cost but you will have to pay for the recharge plan, rather the SIM will be provided to you for free from Jio service center. So you can get Jio SIM. You can use the card and there are other companies which provide free SIM cards but as per my knowledge if you have Jio SIM then you can enjoy with Jio.

In which SIM incoming is free without recharge

If you have Jio SIM and it does not have recharge, still incoming call on Jio SIM is free, you can talk to anyone, you can also do 1 month recharge in which you will get 100MB data and with validity of 28 days. Will be received in

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